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Posted on: May 18, 2018

All About Manholes

There are many different shapes & Sizes of Manholes

Here at Drain Clearance UK we have seen an array of different Manhole Covers From Triangular, centre joined square and round , each serve a specific purpose for example, round manholes are such because the operatives lifting the cover will not be able to drop the Manhole cover down the actual chamber. Drain Clearance UK – Carry out works in the Thames Valley and surrounding areas including Blocked Drains Reading covering all RG post codes.

Manhole Covers & Frames – All have specific uses from Heavy Duty Frames & Covers to Heavy Traffic & Residential Situations, they come in all shapes & Sizes, and all weights, here at Drain Clearance UK we supply & fit manhole covers & frames, to both Residential & Commercial Clients.

Drain Clearance UK – Have been called out to many different scenarios where the actual Manhole Cover & Frame have actually collapsed into the drainage Chamber & caused blockages / Blocked Drains. Replacement Manhole Covers & Frames are easily obtained and can be replaced in a matter of hours dependant on the situation.

Blocked Drains Reading – Drain Clearance UK – Take pride in fitting manhole covers & frames. All work is guaranteed and each job is carefully calculated to insure the correct size & weight Manhole Cover & Frame is fitted.

Blocked Drains Reading – We have recently been called out late at night to help a client that had blocked rear drainage systems , Blocked Drains Reading discovered on carrying out a survey that the front chamber Manhole Cover had got wedged down the actual chamber causing a blocked drain.

Drain Clearance UK – will replace the damaged manhole cover & frame & remove & dispose of the existing. Drain Clearance UK have all the necessary tools & equipment to carry out such works.

Read our reviews on Checkatrade & find out why our clients trust us.  Blocked Drains Reading are here to help for advice to free quotations  24/7 we aim to please. Commercial clients that have contacted us for a blocked drain, have engaged our services on a monthly basis (Service Plan ), this includes a monthly site visit to carry out regular checks on both internal & external services such as , Urinal sink s & kitchen traps blocked sinks & Toilets. External areas such as blocked gully’s & Drains.

A new client of ours based in The Thames Valley area had been using another drainage company all-most on a monthly basis to clear there blocked drains, we can reduce this cost & the hassle of constantly having there toilets shut, this is a great plan for companies that employ larger amounts of staff This can be arranged by simply contacting us and asking for a free survey of your services & receive a cost back within two working days. Blocked Drains Reading will sort any of your drainage issues out.

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