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Posted on: July 1, 2019

Blocked Drains & Repairs in Reading

The main culprits that lead to drain blockage include human hair, kitchen waste mixed with oil and grease, and hair from pets.

When all of these materials combine together over a period of time, they can lead to clogging of the drain. Blocked drains in the bathroom, laundry, and kitchen can be a big pain.

Cleaning the drains, however, is not an easy task. And it is definitely not something that you as a homeowner can do on your own (unless you’re an expert of course). However, in case you are not an expert, you will definitely need help from a professional company that offers drain unblocking in Reading, Berkshire.

At the same time, repairs aren’t a DIY project either. Most people require services from companies that offer drain repairs in Reading, in order to get their drain system working again.

There are a number of drain-related services that we offer in Reading, Berkshire

These include services for both homes and commercial settings such as offices and workplaces.

Often at times when drains get blocked, the sewer water begins to overflow inside the building. As a result of this, odour from sewer waste quickly spreads around. In a workplace, this odour would be bad enough to quickly drive all employees out hence affecting their level of productivity. In this regard, commercial drain clearance will be required.

High-pressure cleaning and jetting is yet another drain clearance service that is widely offered in Berkshire.

Also simply referred to as drain jetting, in this technique certified operators make use of water that is propelled at a very high speed. The pressure generated from this high speed clears off any debris or blocking in the internal and external surfaces. In drain jetting, the water simply gets converted into a laser cutting jet. As a result of this, the deposits inside the pipe walls get stripped off and are broken down. Hence, they become small enough to move through.

At the same time, blocked toilets in Reading, Berkshire are opened up using special drain/toiler unblocking equipment.

Services for flushing and cleaning blocked drain gullies are also offered here. Drain gullies can be referred to as basins that are used to catch the wastewater that come from commercial buildings, restaurants, homes, and so on. This waste is then delivered to the sewer through pipes.



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