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Posted on: September 27, 2019

Blocked Toilet & Drain Service

A blocked toilet and drain is the worst nightmare, and the worst news to wake up to.

With sewerage water overflowing through your bathroom, your day practically comes to a halt.

In such a scenario, bringing in a drainage professional to help you unclog your blocked toilet, and to clean your drainage system is the best best to salvage the situation.

When do you know that your toilet is about to be clogged and your drain is about to overflow? When you find your toilet is slow to respond to flushing, and sinks that overflow, that is a good indicator to tell you that there is a block developing in your toilet’s drainage system.

It is a good practice to immediately call the drainage company at the first signs of a blocked toilet and drain, and not to delay even a bit – the reason being that the longer you wait, the more you will aggravate the problem, and will end up seriously damaging your drainage system which will make it more costly to repair and get back to normalcy, not to mention the extra amount of time that will be incurred as a result.

While it is not a great feeling to have to pay the plumber money to get the drain unclogged, it is certainly not good to have to pay more to get the entire drainage system repaired.

Even for a commercial building, having a clogged up drainage system is a pretty bad sight for prospective customers and visitors to the building. It could result in fewer footfalls and a loss of business due to the repelling odour of sewage water. It could also pose health risks to the public at large.

Commercial buildings are normally very large when compared to houses, and can have multiple bathrooms, restrooms, sinks and other such sources of waste water, and it cannot be repaired by one person – it needs to be repaired and maintained by a professional agency to keep it running smoothly and efficiently.

Commercial drainage cleaners have several purpose built tools that can clear the clogs in your bathrooms and drainage system effortlessly and in a less amount of time. A drain snake is a tool that is made from a long pipe with a head, that is put into the sewage lines by professional drainage professionals, which can find the sources of the clogs and clear it out easily.

Another method of precisely determining the location of the clogs is by using video technology to survey the drainage pipes and to pinpoint the exact location of the clog, so that the drainage repair crew can go to the exact location and get rid of the clogs.

When all of these technologies and techniques don’t exactly work out, then it is time to bring out the hydro-jet. The hydro-jet pumps water into the drainage system at very high pressures. Due to the very high pressure, the clogs and accumulated organic material inside the pipes get removed, allowing sewage to flow through the pipes freely.

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