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Posted on: September 9, 2020

Celebrating Our Fantastic Reviews

For over 25 years Drain Clearance UK has delivered top-notch value and excellent drain related service in the Berkshrie and Thames Valley Area.

We have serviced a wide range of commercial and residential projects across the area. Over the years, we have earned a stellar reputation as leaders in our industry. We have continue climbing the ladder of success by seeking more ways to meet the needs of our niche. Home to a strong team of professionals our stellar service has earned us over 415 fantastic reviews on Checktrade. Local Heroes has also recognised the talents of Drain Clearance UK, saying:

“The team from Maidenhead is responsible for delivering quick advice and solid services to customers in commercial and residential settings. From drain blockages to emergency drain services, these are professionals that can handle any type of high pressure jetting and unblocking for manholes and drains.”

We at Drain Clearance UK are proud to be partnered with this wonderful company that is backed by British Gas and able to offer 12 month warranty on all of their services, helping almost 150,000 customers and holding a 5 star rating on Local Heroes.

We offer exceptional service, personalised for each client

With every new project the entire team is intent out-doing our records, while maintaining industry standards. Drain Clearance is home to dedicated, skilled, innovative, and passionate staff, enthusiastic about the satisfaction of every customer.

We have kept track of our wins over the years, but nothing compares to working on new projects. In the future, we hope to equip ourselves with even more tools and approaches that ensure a refined and friendly experience. We strive for excellence at hand and satisfaction at heart.

We’ve recorded an incredible amount of success, providing excellent drain services for clients. Our clients find us to be professional, reliable, and bringers of top-notch drain services. We have continuously grown our client base through friendly, reliable, and detailed work.

We handle every project uniquely, to satisfy every client. Our team is a 24/7 solution and can provide accurate quotations for remedial works as required. If you need access to a CCTV inspection or you are in need of quality drain unclogging solutions, we are the team that can help you make improvements to your property in the UK.

We stay on the competitive-edge by employing the use of sophisticated equipment to boost efficacy we rely on our technical strength and experience and use the latest mechanical and water pressure jetting equipment for all over services.

Over the years, we have expanded our services to include many drain-related services such as commercial drain servicing, blocked drains, toilets, sinks, emergency repairs, drain jetting and cleaning, drain services, and manhole replacement. We offer these services and more to a huge variety of business’ such as Pubs, Restaurants, office blocks, Guest Houses, Hotels, Service stations, and commercial premises.

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