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Posted on: July 15, 2020

How Summer Rainflow affects your Drains

The summer season causes a number of common plumbing problems across the UK.

While many people are quick to embrace the summer weather, there are also a number of people across the UK that are facing the reality of problems within their homes.

When most people think of home maintenance problems that occur during the summer months, they are quick to consider items like a broken fridge or an AC unit that needs to be removed. Your plumbing may actually be one of the hardest hit areas hit by summer, especially with the extra rain flow that will have an effect on your drains.

Here are some of the top ways that summer rain flow wreaks havoc on your property when the weather gets warmer:

Finding clogged drains:
There are many property owners that start to notice issues with odours in the early summer months. The issue of mold and bacteria causes homeowners a significant hassle when they want to get outdoors and enjoy more of their property. Drains are used much more commonly and experience ongoing blockages. In order to make sure that your drains are flowing freely, it is extremely important to access ongoing maintenance with your plumbing throughout the summer months.
Your drains clog up with a number of potential blockages including with coffee granules, oil and grease, paper towels, wipes and more. Using over-the-counter chemicals will clear up the problem temporarily but they will damage your pipes with regular use. It is often advantageous to consider going with a solution that will offer you greater benefits in the long term like flushing your pipes for maintenance.

Finding leaks:
Leaks in your taps and leaks in your plumbing also commonly occur throughout the summer months. Leaky taps and pipes are common as your pipes will experience extra stress when they are activated for the first time in the summer months. Garden hoses and sprinklers are used more regularly in this season and that places a heavy strain on your plumbing. This means that your pipes will be much more likely to leak. Working with a plumbing professional at the first sign of a leak is important to managing property damage and preventing issues in the future.

Structural drainage system issues:
If you have exposed drains throughout your home and the heat has been consistently beating down on your pipes all day, this often causes ongoing damage to your pipework and even your foundation. Installing proper insulation around your exposed pipes will make sure you are using less energy while preserving their integrity.

Blocking gutters:
Your gutters are an important aspect of your drainage system and they need to be kept clean throughout the summer season. Any gutter may become blocked by items like twigs, leaves and grass clippings. Make sure that your gutters are regularly slept out by professional so that you prevent ongoing blockages that could sweep away at the foundation of your home with water draining down improperly.

Drains that are slow to clear:
A slow clearing drain is often one of the first signs of a problem with your pipes. If you haven’t spotted the signs of a problem, you need to make sure that you are checking in on your pipes regularly. A drain that is slow to clear could be partially clogged. As it continues to grow more clogged, you could face more severe plumbing repairs. A drain which is slow to clear with summer rainfall could also be caused by tree roots making their way into your pipes and causing damage over time.

If you would like to learn more about plumbing maintenance and repairs that you could take on throughout the summer months, contact us today. We will keep your home at its best with proper drain maintenance.

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