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Posted on: December 18, 2019

How To Get Your Toilet Unblocked

How do you identify a blocked toilet and when should you get your toilet unblocked?

There is no appropriate time for a toilet to get blocked – it is just a huge inconvenience and will need to addressed if you are to resume your “duties” there.

It is better to call a professional toilet unblocker to come and fix it, rather than trying to do it yourself, as they will be better suited to diagnose the problem from the root – as it could be the entire drainage system that is clogged – and be able to repair it using professional tools and techniques.

If you find that it takes a while for the water to drain out from the toilet, or if it stagnant and starts rising up towards the cover, then your toilet is blocked.

Right in the early stages, well before your toilet becomes unusable, it is better to find out the cause for the blockage and get it repaired. A specialist toilet unblocking company can help you out with this.

Also, you need to check if the same issue is happening around the premises (be it your home or in an office), with sinks, urinals and other similar places that have a link to the drainage system of the building, so that it can be sorted out. It is not advisable to postpone the repair work, as the toiler will eventually start to overflow, and that is not a pleasant situation at all.

There are many reasons behind a toilet blockage. A few of those are: discarded toilet paper, paper towels, wet wipes, scaling and so forth. People tend to think of the toilet as a waste disposal mechanism and don’t think twice when throwing stuff into the toilet and flushing it, thinking that is the end of it.

For certain situations, the toilet might not be connected to the local sewerage network, and will instead be connected to a local cesspit or a septic tank. In such cases, the blockage in the toilet might indicate that the tank or cesspit is full, and it will need to be emptied by a professional cleaning firm.

Why Choose Blocked Drains Reading for your Blocked Toilet?

Blocked Drains Reading will help diagnose the problem accurately and put solutions in place that will prevent the problem from recurring again. For some types of blockage, it will be imperative that the toilet will need to be completely disassembled and the source of the blockage found and dealt with.

This is a lot of work, but it will ensure that the problem is completely solved. For most people, the first option that they try is to use a plunger. For simple cases like toilet paper stuck in the toilet, this could work. But if your toilet is properly blocked, it is better to call the experts to help you get it solved.

It is not wise to risk the safety and comfort of your family or your employees by skimping and trying to get it repaired yourself.

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