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Posted on: April 11, 2018

Keeping Your Drains Clear Over Winter

Now the weather is turning colder and the chances of a of snow are more likely, locating your manhole chambers / drain chambers becomes more difficult.

Please take the time to pin point the exact locations of your foul manhole chambers, just in-case there is a blockage.

Blocked Drains Reading – Emergency Drain Service to The Thames Valley  Surrounding Areas

If the snow does not cover the manhole chambers to heavily, it is likely that the snow will melt around the actual cover, exposing the chamber and allowing works to proceed.

Drain Clearance UK – Have all necessary tools and equipment to carry out any emergency drainage issues. By marking the position of the chamber either with a road cone , or marker stick, it will make the engineers job a lot easier, and reduce the time on site.

Drain Clearance UK – Have the tools & equipment to clear any blockages, and have the experience in working in these type of conditions. The vehicle fleet have been prepared for wintery conditions. Anti-freeze is added to the jet packs each day & night to prepare for any adverse weather conditions, allowing our work force to reach you what ever the weather.

Blocked Drains reading – Drain clearance UK we provide a gully unblocking and cleaning service

Blocked Drains Reading – Be prepared for any adverse weather conditions, clear the leaves and debris from your gully chambers and outlets, Drain Clearance UK will attend and prepare you for any weather. Blocked Drains Reading carry out works on a service plan basis, where existing and new customers can take advantage of our plans, and rest assured, that all there current services are running freely and are in good order.

Service Plans are designed to give our customers peace of mind, how nice to have a plan in place if you are a Residential Client with many staff, regular monthly visits and Pre-planned maintenance is the answer to keeping your systems flowing. Residential premises are also taking up these plans. Weather your a Care-home , Restaurant , Public House , office blocks or a smaller organisation, phone / contact us now to receive a free survey and a Quotation within two working days. Read our Checkatrade reviews and then get in contact.

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