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Posted on: October 16, 2019

Local Drain Unblocking Service Throughout Berkshire

One of the most painful things for a homeowner or a local business is to wake up one morning and to find that the drain is clogged.

The main causes of blocked drainage systems are human hair, kitchen waste that is dumped into the drainage system, excess human waste clogging up the drains, grease, oil and so forth. When these materials start to accumulate over time, you get a drain block. Drain block in kitchens, bathrooms is a huge problem to deal with.

Cleaning and clearing out the drainage system, restoring functionality to normalcy is not something that you can do yourself. You will need to hire a professional drainage cleaning service to completely take care of the problem.

What happens during a drain block?

The normal function of a drainage system is to act as a conduit for sewerage water to flow through and drain out from a city. When the drainage system is clogged, there is no other way for the sewage water to flow, and so it overflows out onto roads, into bathrooms and kitchens and so forth.

Sewer water contains a lot of waste chemicals and organic waste, and with it – a very bad, characteristic odour. This odour can spread very easily, and cause people to become uncomfortable and sick. Sewage water is also very dangerous to health as it carries many deadly bacteria and viruses in it, which can cause serious health problems if it gets mixed up with the drinking water supply system.

In order to clean up the drains, a commercial jetting and draining service will be required. The process of cleaning up the drains is also known as “drain jetting”.

How does this technique work? In drain jetting, certified and qualified professionals take the help of clean water propelled at high pressures, and use the kinetic energy from that blast of water to clean and rid the surfaces of the drainage system of any garbage and waste item that might be clogging up the drainage.

Due to the extremely high pressures, the water jet is literally working like a laser cutting machine, stripping away all of the debris stuck inside the drainage system, and clearing it away. With the accumulation of deposits on the walls of the drainage system, it results in an impediment to the free and smooth passage of sewerage through the drainage system.

In order to make the process of drain unblocking and drain repair very easy, drain service companies have taken to technology in order to modernise the process, and are using CCTV enabled remote surveying before taking up repairs for unblocking home drains and commercial drains. This technique will help prevent workers from damaging any piping installation in your home or office, due to repair work. This ensures that the work is completed easily.

Drain maintenance is key to preventing such drain blocks from recurring again and again. Making sure that you segregate your garbage before disposing of it makes a huge difference. With regular maintenance, you will extend the lifetime of the drainage system.

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