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Posted on: December 1, 2019

Pipe Unblocking in Reading

If you’ve ever had to deal with blocked pipes before you may be asking yourself questions like ‘how do pipes get blocked?’ and ‘what is blocking my pipes?’.

While the cause may be different for each blockage there are thankfully some common culprits and so there are common ways to unblock them.


Grease is the leading cause of blockage in sink drains. This happens because people pour their grease or fats down the drain, rather than store it in a proper container until it can be properly disposed of. The cause of the blockage is because grease and fatty are sticky, so they stick to the sides of the pipes rather than going all the way down as the should.

If you need to prevent a grease buildup you can try one of two steps: lessen the amount of grease you are sending down the drain or run cold water down the drain. By sending less grease down the drain you make the grease buildup easier to control. By using cold water, you solidify the grease, prevent it from sticking.


Hair may not seem like a likely suspect when it comes to a clog but is in fact the second leading cause. The strands of hair may attach to the sides of the pipe, unable to be detached by water, and so they catch other pieces that cause a buildup once they’re all tangled together.

You can buy hair catchers for you drain to prevent this but should be watching around your drain entrance for any stray hairs.

Foreign Objects

Certain bathroom sanitary products are not meant to be flushed as they can cause a buildup. These cause a buildup by not being small enough to flush down the drain or being unable to break down when in contact with water. Baby items and toys are a common cause of foreign object drain blockages, so you can prevent this by properly disposing of any wipes and making sure that there are no toys waiting to be sent down the drain.


Toilet paper and some baby items are meant to go down the drain, this is true. Yet, having too much go down at once can cause an issue either immediately or soon after. The paper may stick together and be unable to break apart, while baby wipes may not break apart immediately when they come in contact with water.

Watch what you are flushing down the drain and how much so that you can avoid a backup.

Tree Leaves

If your main drain is outside the leading cause of backup will be things like tree leaves and grass clippings. Because of the location of the drain you may not notice the clog until it is too late and your drains are already backing up. A particularly strong storm can wash debris into your drain, as can a strong burst of wind, so make sure that you are checking your drain often and clear it of any blocks. Tree roots can also be a cause of blocked drains.

You may also invest in a cover to prevent these objects from being swept in in the first place.

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