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Posted on: December 10, 2020

Solutions for Winter Drainage Problems

In our last article we addressed a few of the common drainage problems you might encounter during winter.

All of these issues can be a huge hassle to sort out they don’t have to be, either by a bit of pre-emptive care, or through professional support.

Freezing Drains: To help prevent frozen drains if you can, having your heating system running on a low heat more continuously will help prevent frost and ice accumulating in the first place. However if you do have a frozen blocked pipe, don’t try to thaw it out with your heating system as this can damage the pipes, instead use a warm towel wrapped around the outside of the pipe to help thaw the ice. If this is your first property and you are unsure of what to do, call a professional! They will have all the drainage tips and tricks you need and be more than happy to share them with you.

Cluttered Gutters: If you’re able to its always a good idea to clean your gutters out regularly, but it’s essential to do so before a major snowfall, as all the ice and snow will crush down the debris causing even more severe drainage issues. When that ice and snow thaws it will have an extra hard time flowing away down your drains if there’s too much junk in your gutters , and maybe even carry some of the debris down with it, blocking your drain even more.

Greasy Pipes: Most people know not to pour oils down the drain, but you never know how the pipes were treated before you moved into the property, or if you are a landlord, how your tenants are treating your pipes. Try to ensure oils are poured into plastic containers once at a safe temp (you can use an empty oil container) and wipe out any oily pots or pans before washing. If you do find yourself with a blockage because of fats and oils, call a professional, as the pipe in question may have to be removed.

Pesky Leaks: If you’re experiencing leaks on your property you should call a professional as soon as possible to come fix the problem, to ensure it doesn’t worsen. However there are preventive measures you can take to help reduce the likelihood of leaks, you can insulate your pipes, maintaining a more uniform temperature will mean much less strain on your pipes, and less repairs straining your wallet.

If you are concerned by any of these issues, or any drain related issue, and you want a professional, friendly, and thorough service then contact us today! To deal with all your drainage issues!

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