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Posted on: February 11, 2019

The Benefits of Regular Drain Service for Restaurants

Drains should be monitored monthly to assess functionality and receive cleaning. Drains at your business could result in sewer water stopping up and overflowing into the building.

This can cause odours to permeate the building driving out customers. Poor drainage can impact the safety of equipment and spaces used in food which can result in health concerns of staff and customers. Left untreated clogged drains can cause permanent damage to the building.

Consistence maintenance of your restaurants drainage system can save you thousands in fines, lost operational hours and negative public opinions. Commercial drain service companies such as ourselves, are professionals trained to perform service and maintenance on your company’s drainage systems.

Company janitors may not be equipped to handle major issues with malfunctioning drainage systems. The size of your facility can be overwhelming or the problem to complex for a single person. Commercial drain service companies are professionally trained to deal with complex drainage issues. They are able to perform services to avoid major backups that can negatively impact your company.

Recently a Chicago style steakhouse in the UK received a shockingly bad hygiene rating. England’s food hygiene rating system was created to provide transparency for consumers to assist when deciding where to purchase food. Food providers are audited by inspectors to assess the hygiene levels in several areas.

Businesses are rated on a numerical system from 0 to 5 which is published online, and businesses are encouraged to display on their premises. The ratings are as follows:

  • 5 – very good hygiene standards
  • 4 –good hygiene standards
  • 3 – generally satisfactory hygiene standards
  • 2 – some improvement needed
  • 1 – major improvement needed
  • 0 – urgent improvement needed.

Ratings given by food inspectors illustrate the hygiene standards of a location. They cover areas such as food handling, food storage, food preparation, location cleanliness, and management of food safety.

The local steakhouse received a 1 rating because of a sewage issue and out of date food at the location. The basement which contain many pieces of equipment, was flooded with sewage back up. Sewage contaminated the equipment which required thorough cleaning by staff.

Success on a restaurant is dependent upon good service, operational hours and efficient management. A failing quality review negatively impacts a business ability to operate. Serious violations require businesses to immediate close until the issues can be corrected, and food safety ensured. The steak house referenced had to close to clear out equipment for cleaning and give professionals space to find and correct the backed up sewer. All violations must be corrected prior to an inspector being sent for a re-inspection.

Hours closed reflect hours a business is not generating revenue. No clients are allowed to come in and employees are left without work. Money must be spent to make costly repairs and clean soiled equipment. Fines are assessed for each violation. Public perception of a poor rating may last long after issues have been corrected. Repeat offenders may even go so far as to lose their food handlers permit.

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