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Posted on: September 19, 2018

Useful tips for Drain Maintenance & Prevention of Blockages

There are many reasons why a drain or gully blocks up, sometimes this can be prevented by taking the time to wash out & clean the chamber or gully

Here at Drain Clearance UK we have all the mechanical & hand held equipment to deal with any emergency, such as a blocked drain, blocked toilet, blocked sink, or shower & pipework. Often we only take notice of a manhole chamber or the service pipes below ground when a blockage occurs, but drains are an integral part of every house-hold or place of work.

The top three main reasons are as follows;

Blocked Gully’s

A blocked drain gully can easily get blocked by leaves or a build up of fat or dish-washer cleaning products. Blockages then take place in the connecting pipes or pipe-work within the chamber or further down the system, this backs up causing the whole system to block up , including toilets , sinks , showers etc. The removal of the grating or cover and then washing through can prevent blockages. At Drain Clearance UK we carry out regular drain maintenance and service plans for all Residential and Commercial clients alike.

Blocked Sinks & Pipework

All sorts of items including foods, detergents and waste products get washed down sinks. The majority of pipe-work that serves the sink and wastes is normally only 35mm in diameter. Waste traps such as P-traps U-traps are fitted below the sink and need regular cleaning, in some cases once per month or more.

Drain Clearance UK carry out regular programmes to prevent the above taking place , we carry all the tools of the trade to undertake such problems as blockages to sinks, such as drain snakes & specialist drills & attachments to clear that blockage. Again the blockage could lead to further problems below the surface and into the main drainage chambers and pipework.

Blocked Toilets, Drains & Manhole Chambers

A blocked toilet or toilets both on the ground & first floors, can be a real inconvenience, and sometimes the only way to unblock this is by drain rods or high pressure mechanical assistance, at Drain Clearance UK we have all the latest equipment, a typical vehicle fitted with all the required equipment can cost in access of £40k. Toilets usually block when something that has been flushed away and gets caught in the pipe-work or drainage pipes.

The main causes can be face wipes, nappies , cloth materials or root infestation to name but a few. regular Drain maintenance to the system can reduce the chances of a potential blockage, and taking care to not flush down items that can block the system. At Drain Clearance UK we carry out drain de-scaling and maintenance to the drainage systems. Other causes can be poorly laid waste pipes, incorrect levels, of pipes and chambers, root balls and root infestation, external growth vegetation, lack of manhole repair to brick-work and render. Manholes in some cases are constructed of brick-work sometimes bricks or part bricks can get dislodged and fall into the pipework or chamber causing severe blockages, at Drain Clearance UK we have all the tools to deal with such an event. Most cambers are shared and linked to your neighbors properties, and although you may carry out regular maintenance , are they ?.

Safety First

Please remember that lifting manholes can cause back injury, at Drain Clearance UK we have all the necessary equipment to safely lift all types and weights of manhole covers. Manhole covers if not fitted or re-fitted correctly after removal can cause trips hazards and in some cases the occupants can slip and trip & fall and injure themselves, and remember all manholes are different depths sizes and weights. ( refer to the safety guidelines when altering or changing manhole covers and frame a , be it pedestrian or vehicle types ).

All operatives using mechanical high pressure equipment should have undertaken a recognised course such as the Water Jetting Association and be skilled to City & Guilds Level, Drain Clearance UK are proud of our safety record, and all operatives will have with them the approved cards of association, as well as full personal protective equipment (PPE) including British standard issue masks, gloves , visors, footwear & head-ware. There are also the other obvious items that lurk within manhole chambers such as needles, foul content , nappies and more.

We do hope this information has provided help with any future blockages, and information gathered comes from our own experiences, Drain Clearance UK the Emergency Drain Service are happy to discuss and advise on any blockages you may experience . Drain Clearance UK provide a full 24/7 emergency drain un-blocking service and carry out monthly service plans, to both Residential & Commercial Clients alike.

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