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Posted on: December 1, 2020

Winter Drain Problems to be Aware of

If you’re a home or property owner you should be aware of all the different drain and plumbing problems you might encounter during the colder winter months.

To properly maintain your property and ensure these issues don’t become worse or develop other related issues you should inspect your drains, guttering and plumbing regularly so you can correct any initial problems quickly and with less hassle.

In this article we’ll cover a few common problems, so you can have the confidence to identify any drainage problems you might encounter.

Freezing Drains: If you are living somewhere like the UK with a four-season climate frozen pipes can be a huge problem. Ice clogging up your pipes will impact almost all the drain functions in your home, making drainage and heating a problem. It can also effect the stability and structure of your pipes, if a water build up is constantly freezing and thawing this will cause your pipes to expand and contract, making them more prone to leaks and bursting.

Cluttered Gutters: After autumn it’s very common for our gutters to be inundated with dead leave, sticks twigs and plenty of other debris. These debris can cause huge drainage problems once the winter rain starts, as the rain won’t affectively drain through your guttering system. The debris can also get washed along with the rain in your gutters, causing blockages to your main drain, which will effect the drainage of your whole house.

Greasy Pipes: Although oils and fats appear as though they are always liquid they do have a freezing point, and during the winter all the fat and oil built up in your pipes, that didn’t cause any inconvenience during warmer seasons, can freeze and create serious water flow issues. Cleaning this fatty smelly gunk out of your pipes is not the nicest of jobs either, especially if it’s built up over a few years.

Pesky Leaks: Leaks and drips are quite common, but its prudent to get them fixed before winter sets in, for two reasons. It’s significantly easier to repair pipes during summer and autumn, especially underground ones, also leaky pipes will cost you more money during the winter, as any wasted water has been through a longer heating process.

If you are concerned by any of these issues, or any drain related issue, and you want a professional, friendly, and thorough service then contact us today! To deal with all your drainage issues!

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