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Commercial Drain Servicing

We clean and unblock the drains on your business premises, looking after the health and safety of the workers and visitors to  your business .

Employing a professional drain servicing company will keep your pipe unblocked, with monthly blockage inspections. By keeping your drains unblocked and clean your business reputation will be spic and span.

A blocked drain at your business could result in sewer water backing up and overflowing into the building. Sewer waste odour is enough to drive people out of the building. A clogged and flooded sewer system can also cause permanent health risks.

Your business premises may be too big with several toilet locations, sinks and other drains for one maintenance man to handle if things get bad quickly. Your custodian may not have the expertise to handle a massive sewer drain problem.

Some of our current commercial clients:

Reasons To Get Your Drains Serviced

Insects & Pests

A blocked drain at your business premises can be a breeding ground for some of the most disgusting insects, bacteria and mould.  You certainly do not want cockroaches running on the bathroom or company kitchen floors or inside the cupboards! Drain flies can lay their eggs in the dirty dark drains and form their own ecosystem. Without being cleaned on a regular basis, the floor drains will allow insects to set up housing inside your building.

Black Mould

Dirty, filthy floor drains can attract black mould. The action produces a poisonous fungus known as mycotoxins. This dangerous fungus can cause migraine headaches, respiratory infections, sinus congestion, chronic fatigue, and allergies.

Black mould can form in rooms in commercial buildings with poor ventilation, like restrooms and can pose a serious threat to human health and well-being. The presence of small ant colonies in sink basins indicates the presence of black mould. Professional drain cleaner services will have the proper chemicals to dispose of black mould.


The foul odour that emanates from improperly cleaned or blocked drains can be associated with the faecal matter that collects in pipes.

A clog that was not thoroughly cleaned out or sewage that has backed up can create a very foul odour.  The odour from faecal matter is not the real concern though, it is the microbes that live in the faecal matter that can cause cholera, dysentery, pinworms, tapeworms and the like.

Methane and hydrogen sulfide, common sewer gases, can get into buildings through the plumbing. Floor drains are the most common route for sewer gases to escape, but broken drain lines is another route known for sewer gases.


Studies done in the 1960s revealed some disturbing information about bacteria that resides in toilets. One study discovered that flushing a toilet with closing the lid bacteria can travel up to six feet through the air and even lodge on a toothbrush.

As a result of a study of adult Americans, it was learned that 86% of those adults believed if a business like a restaurant had dirty bathrooms the kitchen was dirty as well.

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